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One of China's leading manufacturer of cobalt salts and ternary precursors

The company rises up to challenges and innovates constantly, vigorously develops the material advantage, and pursues to become the world's leading new energy materials operator


Guangdong Jiana Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Establishment time2003


  • ISO證書3

  • ISO證書2

  • ISO證書1

  • Business area

    Cobalt seriesCapacity 6000T / year

    It can be used in production of ternary material,and is used as the positive material for automobile batteries and other batteries
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    Ternary Precursor SeriesCapacity 10000T / year

    Can be used in the production of nickel, cobalt and manganese cathode materials three
    View details

    Export customs ranking(2016)

    Quality policy

    • Focus on quality

    • Characteristics

    • Improvement

    • Pursue excellence

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