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R&D Introduction

Jiana Energy is a top-100 manufacturing enterprise in Guangdong province in 2016. It now has established a provincial engineering technology R&D center, a provincial enterprise technology center, a provincial academician workstation, a provincial postdoctoral innovation practice base, and a provincial enterprise technology correspondent workstation (together with South China University of Technology, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and Hunan University of Technology), Central South University - Guangdong Jiana Joint Institute and other R&D innovation platforms; therefore, it was honored as a "Provincial Innovative Pilot Enterprise", "4A Good-Conduct on Standardization Enterprise" and so on.

By the end of 2016, Jiana Energy has undertaken 11 scientific and technological innovation and technological transformation projects both at the provincial and municipal level and won 5 provincial and municipal science and technology awards; filed 50 patents, with 30 patents being authorized; published 10 academic papers on Chinese core journals; and participated in the preparation of 11 national standards and industrial standards.

Currently, Jiana Energy has built a Joint Institute together with Central South University and plans to build a New Material Research Institute in Qingyuan High-tech Zone; at the same time, build a new R&D building at the existing production base. It has introduced a South Korea technology R&D team to researching the sustainable development of innovation.


  • Provincial enterprise technology center

    Provincial enterprise technology center

  • Honorary academician expert workstation of Guangdong Province

    Honorary academician expert workstation of Guangdong Province

  • High tech Enterprises

    High tech Enterprises

  • Guangdong innovation practice base

    Guangdong innovation practice base

  • Qingyuan excellent enterprise brand

    Qingyuan excellent enterprise brand

  • Honor - 100 business certificate

    Honor - 100 business certificate

  • Qingyuan excellent enterprise certificate

    Qingyuan excellent enterprise certificate

  • Honor - the Guangdong provincial science and technology progress third-prize - Guangdong Chanel

    Honor - the Guangdong provincial science and technology progress third-prize - Guangdong Chanel

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